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Welcome to the self-service section of UNIQA pure. You can either prolong or cancel your policy here or change your data.

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Things you can change yourself

For all UNIQA pure contracts you can administrate most data yourself. Verification of e-Mail address or phone number will be required and for change of a name a document to proove your identity.

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e-Mail address

mailing address


insurance packages

payment method

To change the insured person or object please cancel the existing policy and calculate a new offer.

FAQs about contracts

What if my address has changed?

Just enter your new address under "Modify address". The system will guide you through the next steps and ask you if an existing home insurance shall be kept and if you want protection for your new home.

How can I change my current tariff?

Click on "Modify insurance" and choose the contract you want to change. Then select your future tariff or the additional risks you want to protect. All changes will be vaild from the next insurance period onwards. Also your monthly payment will be changed from then.

How can I pause or end my insurance?

You can pause or terminate your insurance yourself online. Click on Cancellation. Modifications are possible always from the next month onwards. You can choose the lenght of a pause or from when you want to terminate a policy.

What if my credit card changes?

You can change your payment method under "Modify insurance". Select your policy and then click on change payment. You will be asked if you want to change the payment method for all contracts.

What happens if my card can not be charged?

In case of recurring payments we will send you a message in case a payment was not successful. Your protection will continue for 5 days, so that you have time to fix the card issues. After 5 days your protection will get paused until payment of the premium for the next monthly period.

How do I receive my policy?

You will receive your new policy via e-Mail. Also in case of changes a changed policy will be sent to your e-Mail address automatically. At any time you can see and download your current policies under "View policies". 

In case of a new phone number or e-Mail address?

To change your contact data just click on "Modify insurance" and enter your new information. You will reveive a PIN to make sure the new contact is correct.

What if my name has changed?

Please go to "Modify insurance" and enter your new name. UNIQA will then verify your request and after the change is accepted you will receive updated policies.

In case the change can not be done, UNIQA will contact you.

How fast can I terminate a contract?

An open contract can be cancelled by one month prior notification. Cancellation will take effect upon expiry of the current monthly insurance period. So you can always quit or pause within 31 days or less. In the first 14 days after purchase you can quit contracts immediately.

One time contracts like travel insurance, can not be canceled after purchase.

For how long can I pause a contract?

You can pause a recurring contract for one, two or three months. During this time you will also not get charged. The contract gets activated automatically afterwards again, and you are informed per e-Mail.

Can I withdraw from my contract?

Recurring contracts you can terminate immediately with the first 14 days after purchase, as long as you have not reported a claim. The paid insurance premium will be refunded then to your chosen payment method.