UNIQA Travel Insurance | Multi-trip

Travel often? Save time with UNIQA pure Multi-trip.
Buy once and always stay protected for unlimited trips of
up to 30 days each for a monthly subscription, until cancellation.

  • Avoid the hassle of buying insurance for each trip
  • Be spontaneous – no need to tell us your trip dates
  • More flexible than annual travel insurance – pause or cancel if you travel less  
  • Simple – charged monthly to your chosen debit or credit card

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UNIQA Travel Insurance | Multi-trip
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* We cannot offer coverage for trips to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus at this time.

Choose your preferred insurance product.

Travel easy

Sum insured  . 

Protect biggest risks:

  • Medical expenses - hospital & doctor
  • Medical transport and return home
  • Emergency dental treatment
    Sub-limit €300 per person
    See all sub-limits
  • Medical expenses due to leisure sports injuries (excluding winter sports)
  • Trip cancellation & interruption (Optional - add before payment)
  • Winter sports (Optional - add before payment)
4 risks protected
BGN 00.00
3 simple steps.
No account required!

Travel smart

Sum insured  . 

In addition to easy:

  • Delay of baggage
  • Loss/ burglary of baggage
  • Loss/ burglary of personal documents
  • Rescue expenses
  • Legal assistance
  • Trip cancellation & interruption (Optional - add before payment)
  • Winter sports (Optional - add before payment)
9 risks protected
BGN 00.00
3 simple steps.
No account required!

Travel expert

Sum insured  . 

In addition to smart:

  • Third party liability
  • Visit by a relative due to hospitalisation
  • Return home of children due to hospitalisation
  • Delayed return due to hospitalisation
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Trip cancellation & interruption (Optional - add before payment)
  • Winter sports (Optional - add before payment)
14 risks protected
BGN 00.00
3 simple steps.
No account required!
Protects all trips up to 30 days | Monthly subscription (min. 6 consecutive months) | Change coverage as you need
Pause your policy when you are travelling less often
Subscription tip
Subscription tip

Need travel insurance for just one trip - click here for your single trip insurance quote!!

Your protection - UNIQA Travel Insurance

24/7 Medical assistance +35929030110

Medical care

Rescue costs

Medical return

See all details and view our Product Information document:

quote1 Last Christmas during a family visit in Germany I fell and injured my knee. Our holidays were saved, as total costs of €1500 for my scans and medical treatment were covered by my travel insurance. quote2 Milena Angelova

Why UNIQA insurance?

protection from next day onwards

100% online self-service

> 9.6 Mill. customers in Europe

fast claims payment

part of leading European insurance group

>250 branches in Bulgaria

FAQs on Travel insurance

What is protected?

Travel insurance provide protection of risks like expenses for medical treatments, including related to COVID-19 disease; medical expenses for transportation and return home, including related to COVID-19 disease; dental emergency treatments; accidents due to sports activities. See all packages for more coverage.

Where am I covered?

You will be covered when travelling abroad to countries within the territory band you select during your purchase of the insurance: Please note that at this time, coverage is not provided for trips to Republic of Ukraine, Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus

In case of emergency?

In case of an emergency call our 24/7 hotline +359 (2) 903 01 10.
To directly arrange medical help at your destination please use local emergency numbers:
Europe              112
USA & CAN       911

Is trip cancellation also covered?

If you want to be protected against costs for a cancelled trip, this can be chosen as optional cover before purchasing the insurance.

How can I report a claim?

In case an incident has happened during your trip you can report this in an easy way online.

Make sure you have documents (photos, invoices) related to your incident ready for upload. Use the link in your policy or visit http://bg.uniqa-pure.com/claims and follow the instructions.

How do I receive my policy?

After purchase, we will instantly issue your policy and send it to you by email. We also send you a pocket policy to store on your smartphone so you have your insurance details with you wherever you go. In addition, you can also download or print the policy. Of course, you can always access your policy online.

When does my protection start?

You are protected from your chosen start date for the insurance from 00:00 onwards.
Earliest start date is always the next day.

How do I pay for my travel insurance?

You can choose to pay via your debit or credit card. For single trip insurances, your card will be charged for your premium in full at the time of purchase. 

In case of a multi-trip insurance, the initial payment for your first month of coverage will be made with the purchase. The subsequent monthly payments for your coverage will automatically be charged before the start of each monthly insurance period. Please make sure your payment card can be charged each month to stay protected.

How can I change or end my insurance?

Single trip travel insurances cannot be changed or cancelled.

For multi-trip insurance you can change or terminate your insurance yourself online here. Modifications are possible for the next coverage period. You can cancel your policy after 6 consecutive months of coverage. If you dont want to cancel, you can also pause your coverage after the first 6 months. 

Purchased your travel insurance by mistake - you can withdraw in the first 14 days after purchase if your coverage has not started. 

Why can I not buy for just one country?

UNIQA pure travel insurance offers protection for specific territorial regions at an attractive price. By this we ensure that you are protected also on the way to and from your target destination or in case your plans change or something unexepected happens eg. missing a connection flight.  

Only the countries that have an active tourist warning from authorities before the start of your journey are excluded. 

In which cases would it not be possible to get my insurance online?

You cannot conclude online Travel insurance if you are older than 70 years old on the start date of your trip. You can contact any of our offices to receive an individual offer.

Will I get a refund if I need to cancel my trip due to COVID-19 disease?

We do not cover expenses for Trip cancellation and Trip interruption related to COVID-19 disease. We advise you to follow travel guidance issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and take all necessary precautions to stay safe.

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