Apartment insurance
Protects Building and Contents

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Apartment easy


Sum insured  . 

Protect biggest risks:

  • Fire
  • Weather conditions
  • Natural disasters
  • Pipe leakage
  • Impact by an aircraft
5 risks protected
3 simple steps.
No account required!

Apartment smart


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In addition to easy:

  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
8 risks protected
3 simple steps.
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Apartment expert


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In addition to smart:

  • Electrical damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Alternative accomodation
  • Personal documents
12 risks protected
3 simple steps.
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Your protection - UNIQA Apartment Insurance



fall or impact of an object

flood and water damage

lightning, hail, storms and explosions

other contractual risks

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quote1 Last november I had a water leakage in my flat in Sofia. All wooden floors and even my neighbors ceilings were damaged. UNIQA paid for the entire costs! quote2 Ivailo Neshev, 34, Journalist

Why UNIQA insurance?

protection from next day onwards

100% online self-service

> 9.6 Mill. customers in Europe

fast claims payment

part of leading European insurance group

>250 branches in Bulgaria

FAQs on Apartment insurance

What is protected?

Apartment insurance protects your home fully. The apartment, as a part of residential building, contents and personal belongings are protected from damages caused by the risks covered. 

The basic package "easy" includes risks like fire, pipe leakage and adverse weather events, such as storm, torrential rain, hailstorm, weight of snow or ice. See other packages for more covered perils.

When does my protection start?

You can choose the start date of your insurance. Earliest start date is always the next day. But also other start dates in the future can be chosen, to protect your new home in advance.

How can I change or end my insurance?

You can change or terminate your apartment insurance yourself online here. Modifications are possible always for the next month. So if you want to be protected from more or less risks, you can do this simply online. Also in case your address is changing, you can modify your contract.  

How can I report a claim?

In case damage has happened you can report this in an easy way online. Make sure you have photos of the damage ready for upload. Use the link in your policy or visit www.uniqa.bg/claims and follow the instructions.

What does contents mean?

Contents means everything that belongs to your household and includes also furniture, carpets, curtains, clothing, sports/musical or photographic equipment. Gadgets like laptops, e-readers and tablets will be covered up to 2 000 BGN totally for replacement value. Please be aware that we do not cover cash, cheques, securities, valuables (jewelry, furs, collections), watches, bank cards, vouchers, tickets, bicycles, mobile phones, within this policy.

Am I covered if something I own gets stolen?

Yes with the packages Smart and Expert you are covered, if things got stolen from the protected apartment.

Is there a deductible?

There is no deductible, meaning that no amount will be deducted from claim payment you may receive.

What is the term of UNIQA pure apartment insurance?

UNIQA Pure Apartment insurance is an open-ended contract and saves your time and efforts for annual renewals. Your policy shall be valid until cancellation. You’re always flexible.

How do I receive my policy?

After purchase, we will instantly issue your policy and send it to you by email. You can also download or print the policy. Of course, you can always access your policy online.

How do I pay for UNIQA pure Apartment Insurance?

You can choose to pay via your debit or credit card. The payment for the first month will be made with the purchase. Thereafter, your monthly payments will automatically be charged before the start of each monthly insurance period. Please make sure your card can be charged.

Is my mobile phone covered?

No, mobile phones are not covered by apartment insurance.

But other gadgets like laptops, e-readers and tablets are included in the insurance. These are covered against causes mentioned in the policy.

Your policy doesn’t cover damage or breakage if you drop it! Note that the sublimit for gadgets is 2 000 BGN.

Are the items of my partner and children covered?

If you live with your partner and/or children in the same household at the address stated in the policy, their household items and personal belongings are covered as well.

Can I have additional insurance for my home?

Yes you can. Even if your home is protected by another insurance you can buy additional protection. But, the same object can be insurred only once by UNIQA pure.

How can I pay for my insurance?

At the moment we support Visa and Master card payments. In addition you can also use Maestro bank cards.  


Why UNIQA pure?

Attractive price

100% self-service only

No binding

Pause or cancel monthly

Fast protection

Cover from next day


Up- or downgrade package

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